The Boulder County Business Hall of Fame is pleased to present its Hall of Fame Inductees 1995

Theo and Tell Ertl – Tell and Theo Ertl purchased the Eldora Ski Area in 1967. The previous winter, Eldora had been open for 28 days. Dr. Ertl installed a snowmaking system, introduced night skiing, and built five chair lifts. By 1975, the ski area attracted 150,000 skiers, and employed as many as 200 people. In the 1970’s, Tell and Theo were instrumental in the reclamation of gravel pits on their property east of Boulder, creating a wildlife habitat area. Since Tell’s death, Theo continues her activities with non-profit organizations.

James P. Maxwell – James P. Maxwell came to Colorado in 1860. After mining and lumbering in Gilpin County, he settled in Boulder County in 1863. Maxwell served in the Territorial Legislature and the first State Senate. As a surveyor and entrepreneur, he was involved in development of the Maxwell and Mapleton Hill areas of Boulder, construction of Silver Lake and other irrigation ditches, and building and improving early roads. Also a rancher, Maxwell was Boulder’s second mayor and a First National Bank president.

Virginia Patterson – Virginia W. Patterson is the principal in the ownership of the Printed Page stores in the Boulder area. She and her late husband, Rev. A. B. Patterson Jr., acquired the company after he retired from St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church. Virginia was a member of the Boulder Valley School Board for 14 years and its president for seven years. She also has been a leader in downtown business associations, Chamber of Commerce, Community Hospital, United Way, Bank One and many other organizations.

Kenneth Pratt – Kenneth E. Pratt, born and raised in Longmont, attended CSU, majoring in Economics. The Pratt Companies have developed residential communities in Longmont, as well as the Commerce Center of Longmont, consisting of approximately 1.8 million square feet, the largest business campus in the state under one ownership. The Commerce Center is home to many advanced technology businesses. Ken was a founding board member of EDAL and instrumental in developing the Japan initiative. Pratt Partnership has supported many community and non-profit entities.

A. Everett and George C. Williams – Brothers A. Everett and George C. Williams moved to Colorado from Ohio in 1951 to seek their fortune. Forming Williams High Country Homes, they built over 1,500 homes in Boulder and the Denver area. Now Melody Homes is one of the state’s largest builders. To finance construction, they purchased Guardian Savings and Loan in 1956 and became the first to give away premiums to depositors. The company grew to become World Savings. In 1963, they organized First Westland National Bank, which became FirstBanks in 1979.

Fred L. Spallone – Fred L. Spallone has been an important part of Broomfield since 1951 when his friend, Bal Swan, first asked him to look at the area for a new community. Fred was instrumental in the development and construction of many of the residential and commercial properties in Broomfield. His varied businesses continue to be an influence on the economy of Broomfield. Fred’s philanthropic activities have benefited numerous Broomfield organizations, with the main beneficiary being Bal Swan Children’s Center.