The Boulder County Business Hall of Fame is pleased to present its Hall of Fame Inductees 2003

Dan Ball – Positive growth in the quality of life in western Boulder County has a common denominator – Dan Ball. From computers supplied to the schools, to fresh produce in the Senior Nutrition program, Ball is considered to be one of the region’s most consistently supportive patrons. Before there was a mountain community center, Ball’s family business, B & F Mountain Market, provided space and encouragement for creating community. The business is the largest source of sales tax revenue, as well as the largest employer in Nederland.

Frank Day – Frank B. Day has been at the helm of Rock Bottom Restaurants Inc. since the opening of the first Old Chicago restaurant in Boulder in 1976. Throughout the years, he has served as the company’s chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer. Day has more than 40 years of entrepreneurial experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He also has ownership interests in Concept Restaurants Inc. and two hotels.

Michael and Mary Colacci – The Colacci family has lived and worked in Boulder County since the early 1900s. Mike and Mary Colacci started the Blue Parrot Restaurant in 1919 in Louisville serving coal miners and local residents. Mike maintained it until his death in 1970. Their legacy continues through five generations and 84 years of staying in business. In addition to running several businesses in the area, family members have, and continue to volunteer to serve, their communities in many ways.

Steve Demos – Steve Demos is founder and president of White Wave Inc. and one of soy industry’s key strategists and visionaries. In his career, Steve has grown White Wave from a regional tofu maker to America’s leading soy foods company. Today, White Waves’ flagship Silk is the bestselling organic packaged goods brand in America. Demos, a resident of Boulder, is a founding member and past president of the Soyfoods Association of North America. White Wave is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dean Foods in Dallas, the world’s largest dairy company.

Steve and Margaret Strong – Steve and Margaret Strong have owned and operated Sun Construction and Design Services Inc. since its inception in 1985. They believe their business is a means to promote the growth of their family, employees, church and community. They understand that the giving of their time, money and other resources is a calling that every person and business should support. They feel honored to be ranked with so many people who have made a positive impact in the business community of Boulder County.