After dealing with adversity early in her life, Heidi’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills helped her pick herself up and found Camp Bow Wow, a $100 million leader in the pet and franchise industry.

For this effort, she has received accolades in the press including being named one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 Most Promising Entrepreneurs, and 2016 Colorado Brave Leader Award (Colorado Business Roundtable) among others.

After the sale of Camp Bow Wow in 2014, Heidi launched her non-profit, the Fight Back Foundation. Last year, Heidi won a statewide race for the University of Colorado’s Board of Regents.  She is also on various boards focusing on entrepreneurship, education reform and women’s issues.

Heidi is married to Jason, who has one of the top BBQ restaurants in the state, and has four children, Tori, Hollie, and twins Jack and Jenna.