The Boulder County Business Hall of Fame proudly welcomes Henry Braly. Braly’s career began in Longmont in 1960 when he started Henry Braly & Co., a utility construction company. After 10 years, the company grew to 25 individuals and was eventually sold to CAP Construction. This success was followed by the founding of Frontier Materials in 1972. Frontier developed numerous aggregate mineral mining sites in Colorado. In 1980, Braly added a division to produce asphalt and then developed paving services and in 1982 added a ready-mix concrete division. Frontier Materials later sold to Western Mobile and consisted of more than 200 employees located in sites throughout Northern Colorado. What we know now as Frontier Companies LLC was founded in 1995.

Braly has always invested in various projects and the development of more than 500+ residential lots in Longmont with various local partners. His influence has been vast and has touched many lives. Braly served on several local boards and was a quiet supporter of many causes and campaigns. In 2006, he created the Braly Family Foundation to help continue with this work, well past his life.