Former Owners of the Louisville Times/Lafayette News/Erie Review. A fourth-generation Coloradan, Percy Conarroe spent 55 years in weekly newspaper publications, including 32 years as publisher of the Louisville Times, Lafayette News and Erie Review. His well-researched, sharply worded and award-winning editorials gave a voice to the voiceless, held politicians accountable for their actions and contributed to the thoughtful, well-planned transition of the small towns of Louisville, Lafayette, Erie and Superior into the vibrant, thriving communities they are today. In addition to helping keep the newspaper on its feet and free of typos, Carolyn Conarroe was Louisville’s town librarian for several years and published three books on Louisville’s rich history of coal mining. Together, they chronicled life in towns that they loved while raising three children: David, Cynthia and Douglas. They also mentored dozens of journalists who went on to become senior executives at national newspaper chains and reporters at prominent publications such as Crain’s Business and the Wall Street Journal.