The Boulder County Business Hall of Fame proudly welcomes Phil Wiland, chairman and CEO of Wiland Inc., the nation’s premier source of insights into consumer spending behavior. Wiland Inc.’s industry-leading database helps marketers identify the digital and direct-mail audiences most likely to respond to their messages and become long-term customers, donors and subscribers.

In the 1980s, as the founder of Wiland Services in Boulder, he developed the first artificial intelligence merge/purge system and the first national directory of postal carrier routes (before the U.S. Post Office even had one). He also pioneered the automated production of sophisticated statistical marketing audience models. In 1992, Wiland established a new company that included the flagship Colorful Images catalog. The following decade saw the company launch six additional catalogs and acquire another.

True to Wiland’s unique entrepreneurial spirit, the company encourages employees to promote charitable causes within the organization, including the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, The Dream Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and others.