Todd Dutkin has been the CEO of Fresca Foods for almost two decades. During his tenure, the company has grown from a small team of fifteen to a leader in the natural foods industry, with approximately 450 employees and over 330,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Primarily fueled by work with innovative entrepreneurs to scale products and ideas in the marketplace, Fresca Foods has experienced year-over-year revenue growth of approximately 35% per annum.

Prior to joining Fresca, Todd worked as a senior executive in the telecommunications industry for a number of Fortune 100 companies, managing diverse teams across wide geographic regions. This experience taught him that people are an organization’s most important asset, which led him to assemble an industry-leading team of bright, creative and hard-working professionals at Fresca, which he credits as his greatest accomplishments.

At the beginning of 2020, Todd moved into the role of Chairman, where he can focus on leading Fresca strategically. This has given him the time to embark on a PhD program in Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio where he hopes to graduate in 2024.