William Coleman, chairman and general partner of Colorado Venture Management Inc., has been a business and civic leader since 1959.

CVM has helped boost the success of numerous well-known Boulder County businesses. CVM’s successful portfolio companies have included: BI Inc., Micro Decisionware Inc., Consumer Health Services Inc., Biostar Inc., McData Corp., Hauser Chemical Research, Advanced Forming Technologies, Sievers Instruments, Vexcel Corp. and Colorado Med Tech Inc. Coleman was awarded the Boulder Development Commission’s 1992 Esprit Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement Award.

Active in the community since 1959, Coleman has served on the Mayor’s Committee for Municipal Finance and Human Relations, as well as held the titles of vice president of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce; president of the Boulder Jaycees; board member for Boulder Memorial Hospital, Boulder Parks and Recreation, and Boulder County YMCA; and member of the Rotary Club.

Coleman also served as the president of Syntex Corporation, with its Boulder arm recently renamed Roche Colorado Corp., from 1972 to 1979. Coleman joined the firm originally called Arapahoe Chemicals, in 1959 as a research chemist.

He currently serves as a director for eight corporations – BI Inc. Hauser Chemical Research Inc., Micro Decisionware Inc., Econalytic Systems Inc., Cogen Technology Inc., Colorado Power Partners, Brush Cogeneration Partners and Sievers Research Inc – and is completing 20 years as director of Norwest Bank – Boulder (formerly United Bank of Boulder).